New Jersey Mobile Concrete Mixer Trucks

Bergen Mobile Concrete provides high quality concrete to Northern New Jersey using state of the art mobile concrete mixers. Our parent company, Bishop Enterprises Inc. has been serving homeowners, business owners, and municipalities, in Bergen County since 1990. With this experience comes an understanding of the needs of our customers.

Our goal is to provide dependable service regardless of the size of the delivery. Whether it is a short load concrete order or a large concrete order, we will serve you the same. Our metered trucks save money because you only pay for the concrete that is used. Don’t “OVER ORDER” your concrete because you are afraid of running short. Just let us know how much you estimate will be needed so we can plan how much to bring. We will make just enough for your project and then bill you for what is mixed. Our customers will NEVER get a hot load because our concrete is made fresh to order on each job.

We are an environmentally friendly solution because our waste rate is close to zero. We can supply a wide range of mix designs ranging from low strength concrete to the high performance Rapid Set Concrete that we recently supplied for the upper level approach to the George Washington Bridge. We have an tracked Concrete Buggy to help the customer get the concrete to where it is needed without using a wheelbarrow.