Bergen Mobile Concrete & Emerging Concrete Technologies

Concrete demolition is a job that has required some fairly wasteful processes up to now. Demolition machines are meant to pulverize the building material into rubble, leaving nothing useful left behind to repurpose into new buildings. A lot of water is sprayed to keep dust, which may contain harmful substances, from getting into the air. The waste is taken by dump truck to remote recycling facilities, where the materials that can be salvaged must still be separated.

New, evolving technologies in the demolition of concrete structures, however, may be able to reuse a high percentage of the prior building for new building projects. Concrete deconstructing robots, known as ERO machines, have been designed to disassemble concrete structures and separate materials for construction reuse.

These machines can scan a building environment to determine the most efficient route of deconstruction. The robot then travels along the surfaces of the building. It removes concrete from the walls through a process called hydro-demolition, which forces high-pressure water jets against the wall to strip away concrete while leaving the rebar support structure intact.

A separation technology known as a centrifugal decanter allows the wet concrete to be repurposed into materials that can be used for a new building project directly on-site. The centrifugal force of the spinning decanter is capable of separating the concrete from the water used to break it up. This effectively dries the concrete and allows it to be reused for other projects.

Bergen Mobile Concrete is well acquainted with emerging construction technologies. Our concrete buggy greatly improves the efficiency of any project. Our services also leave very little waste behind to worry about. Call us today if you have a concrete job that requires tools or service in northern New Jersey.


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