Can Supply NJDOT Class B and High Early Concrete

Bergen Mobile Concrete has been approved by the New Jersey Department of Transportation for its Class B truck, which means it’s able to deliver bigger loads for bigger projects.


Also recently, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey approved high-early concrete for delivery as well.


This is a huge step for Bergen Mobile Concrete as they continue to be one of the leaders in ready concrete in New Jersey. With projects at New Jersey Tech, Newark International Airport and work on Interstate-80, our projects will only continue to get bigger. But if you’re a residential resident, this means our service only gets better.


We have the capability to do bigger jobs, but still have our mobile buggy to take care of the smaller projects. The mobile concrete mixer saves you money because there’s never a chance of having too much concrete, only exact amounts.


Northern New Jersey should be thrilled of our well-rounded capabilities. We’re now able to handle the big and small concrete projects with ease. Give us a call today for any concrete needs in Northern New Jersey.

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