Construction research advances in cities and regions across the globe

All over the world, eco-friendly concrete applications are being sought by companies who are realizing that respecting the environment can actually result in a number of financial benefits. Not only are steel-reinforced concrete structures costly to build, they leave behind a lot of unsalvageable materials when they get pulverized for deconstruction. However, an exciting new reinforcement method for concrete is being developed that can build strong structures while replacing steel with plant materials.

Recently, a collaborative partnership was announced between Trinity College, an Irish institution operating as a part of the University of Dublin, and India’s Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). Trinity College has been involved with research into eco-friendly concrete reinforcements, and timber-reinforced concrete homes make up about 30 percent of local residences. The VIT will work with Trinity College to understand whether or not bamboo, a widely available local plant, can be used to reinforce concrete instead of steel.

Bamboo is an incredibly sturdy material that occurs naturally, especially in the rural areas of India. Applying the use of bamboo as a concrete reinforcement can greatly cut down on the region’s overall carbon footprint. Obviously, bamboo isn’t native to the European island nation of Ireland, but Trinity College has pledged to share its expertise in using natural concrete reinforcements with VIT and its researchers.

It’s becoming obvious to many just how strong an environmental impact can be felt through the use of alternative concrete design. The use of sturdy plant materials to construct buildings not only preserves precious natural resources for later use but also cuts down on the amount of pollution created during construction and demolition.

As construction research advances in cities and regions across the globe, American concrete providers need to work harder to make sure they stay ahead of the curve. Those in northern New Jersey can take advantage of the expertise of Bergen Mobile Concrete. We stay on top of the most exciting advances in concrete technology from all over the world to better serve your business or residential needs.


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