No New Jersey concrete project too big or small

Some New Jersey concrete companies only take large concrete projects. Some can only handle smaller projects. Bergen Mobile Concrete, though, we can handle them all.

No project is too big or small for our company. We’ve worked on projects on the interstate and airports; we’ve worked on projects in people’s backyard, with our mobile concrete mixer from Cemen Tech we can really handle anything.

Our concrete cement mixer has the ability to create up to 45 cubic yards of high-quality concrete per hour. That’s equal to 1,215 square feet of concrete, which is able to cover a lot of ground fast.

If your business or residential project isn’t in need of that much concrete, maybe just some patchwork on a driveway or making a little backyard patio, then our mobile concrete buggy is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that can maneuver easily into most spaces and deliver the exact concrete you need. Lots of New Jersey concrete businesses over order concrete, leaving you stuck with a hefty bill although you used a little concrete. With our mobile mixer, we have the ability to make as much concrete as you need.

Our concrete business has been front in center in the recovery relief of Superstorm Sandy, which is one more reason to rely on us for any concrete needs.

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