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Common Concrete Problems

At Bergen Mobile Concrete, we always make sure to get the job done right in order to ensure your concrete surfaces remain crack-free. However, you may already have existing concrete structures or surfaces in and around your property that appear to be falling apart. But just how and why does concrete sometimes crack? We’re here… Read more »

Concrete Furniture in Your Home

When you think of concrete, chances are you think of your driveway, the sidewalk, or perhaps a building. Maybe your thoughts drift toward that construction crew you see every morning on your drive to work, how they’re pouring concrete into molds. In other words, concrete is mostly associated with outside. You never really think about… Read more »

In 2015, Keep Your Concrete Floors in Top Shape

Concrete flooring can look great in just about any type of property, especially when you add decorative designs to customize its appearance. However, like any type of flooring material, concrete is susceptible to damage. Fortunately, concrete is much tougher than wood and other types of common materials used for floors, but it is not completely… Read more »

2015 Will Be the Year of Concrete

There are several different materials that have been popular choices for patios in the past, including everything from wood to stone. However, we’re here to tell you why concrete offers benefits and advantages that outweigh anything these other materials offer. First and foremost, concrete is extremely versatile, making it perfect for just about any type… Read more »

New Concrete Laying Technique

In Arizona, the new East Wetlands multiuse pathway has been surprising locals, visitors and just about anyone who has taken a stroll down it. Beginning under the Ocean-to-Ocean Highway Bridge, this 1.5 mile path extends to the Avenue 2E trailhead. Whether you choose to bilk, walk or jog down the path, you can expect to… Read more »

Reconstructing the Boardwalk at Rockaway Beach

Natural disasters have left an indelible mark on America over the past few years. From recent flooding in Colorado to the massive tornado in Moore, OK, earlier this year, Mother Nature has wrought a path of destruction that has left millions of dollars worth of damage in her wake. Although rebuilding from these events can… Read more »

Out of the concrete comes electricity?

Access to electricity is a growing concern in our society. Every day, new applications for electricity are being discovered. The installation of above-ground power lines can become cumbersome as an electrical grid grows in capacity. New developments in concrete formulas, however, are allowing some to consider a future where electricity can travel through our roads… Read more »