Out of the concrete comes electricity?

Access to electricity is a growing concern in our society. Every day, new applications for electricity are being discovered. The installation of above-ground power lines can become cumbersome as an electrical grid grows in capacity. New developments in concrete formulas, however, are allowing some to consider a future where electricity can travel through our roads and sidewalks the same way as power lines.


Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) has recently announced some developments in this area of innovation, discovered through the agency’s Building Envelope and Structure research organization. Usually, a concrete mixture is composed of water, cement and an aggregate such as gravel or sand. The NRC found that adding conductive aggregates, such as the carbon-based graphene, allows concrete to become electrically conductive as well.


This has some interesting implications for the future of concrete use around our country. Imagine sidewalks and roads that can heat themselves during the winter, getting rid of the snow and ice that can cause hazards for travelers of all kinds. Although these systems require a plug-in to current electrical systems, which could create excessive demands on a grid, some believe that alternative energies can be harnessed to develop electricity for direct use in concrete.


Electrically-powered roads could have many benefits for our society in the coming years, especially when considering the growing use of electric vehicles. Electrical currents within a road could power smart traffic systems that improve a driver’s traveling efficiency. With the proper sensors and hardware, developers of this concrete believe that it could even be used to prevent cyber-attacks. With the right industry support and corporate partnership, the NRC believes that cities could start developing and implementing this electric concrete within two years.


Bergen Mobile Concrete is always interested in the cutting edge of concrete and construction technology. If you need concrete services in northern New Jersey, make sure you choose the firm with its finger on the pulse of the industry.


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*Image courtesy of Sergey Nivens

Bergen Mobile Concrete & Emerging Concrete Technologies

Concrete demolition is a job that has required some fairly wasteful processes up to now. Demolition machines are meant to pulverize the building material into rubble, leaving nothing useful left behind to repurpose into new buildings. A lot of water is sprayed to keep dust, which may contain harmful substances, from getting into the air. The waste is taken by dump truck to remote recycling facilities, where the materials that can be salvaged must still be separated.

New, evolving technologies in the demolition of concrete structures, however, may be able to reuse a high percentage of the prior building for new building projects. Concrete deconstructing robots, known as ERO machines, have been designed to disassemble concrete structures and separate materials for construction reuse.

These machines can scan a building environment to determine the most efficient route of deconstruction. The robot then travels along the surfaces of the building. It removes concrete from the walls through a process called hydro-demolition, which forces high-pressure water jets against the wall to strip away concrete while leaving the rebar support structure intact.

A separation technology known as a centrifugal decanter allows the wet concrete to be repurposed into materials that can be used for a new building project directly on-site. The centrifugal force of the spinning decanter is capable of separating the concrete from the water used to break it up. This effectively dries the concrete and allows it to be reused for other projects.

Bergen Mobile Concrete is well acquainted with emerging construction technologies. Our concrete buggy greatly improves the efficiency of any project. Our services also leave very little waste behind to worry about. Call us today if you have a concrete job that requires tools or service in northern New Jersey.

Source: http://www.psfk.com/2013/07/concrete-eating-robots-recycle-buildings.html

Did the Fourth remind you of improvements?

It’s what Americans do, really. Go to the relative or friend with the best back yard and grill out, lay out and enjoy our nations great history. But while you were marveling at your friends’ patio, or newly paved concrete driveway, did it make you think about the improvements you could make to your home?
Lots of people like to take their 4th of July parties to the backyards, on patios and decks, and flush green lawns.

Sometimes this happens. While your friends are reveling in burgers and hot dogs, you cannot keep your eyes away from the awesome patio, wondering what it would be like if your backyard could be so inviting and useful.

That could be your yard, though. Bergen Mobile Concrete is Bergen County New Jersey’s leader in mobile concrete, able to deliver both big and small loads throughout the Garden State. Home owners are just as valuable and always will be as valuable as our large commercial clients. We recognize the importance of improving one’s home, and with our mobile buggy, we ensure never over-pouring to save you money.

Call us today. No job is too big or too small for our concrete services in New Jersey. From Newark Airport to your backyard, we can do it all.

Can Supply NJDOT Class B and High Early Concrete

Bergen Mobile Concrete has been approved by the New Jersey Department of Transportation for its Class B truck, which means it’s able to deliver bigger loads for bigger projects.


Also recently, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey approved high-early concrete for delivery as well.


This is a huge step for Bergen Mobile Concrete as they continue to be one of the leaders in ready concrete in New Jersey. With projects at New Jersey Tech, Newark International Airport and work on Interstate-80, our projects will only continue to get bigger. But if you’re a residential resident, this means our service only gets better.


We have the capability to do bigger jobs, but still have our mobile buggy to take care of the smaller projects. The mobile concrete mixer saves you money because there’s never a chance of having too much concrete, only exact amounts.


Northern New Jersey should be thrilled of our well-rounded capabilities. We’re now able to handle the big and small concrete projects with ease. Give us a call today for any concrete needs in Northern New Jersey.

No New Jersey concrete project too big or small

Some New Jersey concrete companies only take large concrete projects. Some can only handle smaller projects. Bergen Mobile Concrete, though, we can handle them all.

No project is too big or small for our company. We’ve worked on projects on the interstate and airports; we’ve worked on projects in people’s backyard, with our mobile concrete mixer from Cemen Tech we can really handle anything.

Our concrete cement mixer has the ability to create up to 45 cubic yards of high-quality concrete per hour. That’s equal to 1,215 square feet of concrete, which is able to cover a lot of ground fast.

If your business or residential project isn’t in need of that much concrete, maybe just some patchwork on a driveway or making a little backyard patio, then our mobile concrete buggy is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that can maneuver easily into most spaces and deliver the exact concrete you need. Lots of New Jersey concrete businesses over order concrete, leaving you stuck with a hefty bill although you used a little concrete. With our mobile mixer, we have the ability to make as much concrete as you need.

Our concrete business has been front in center in the recovery relief of Superstorm Sandy, which is one more reason to rely on us for any concrete needs.

In the middle of New Jersey concrete clean up

New Jersey took the brunt of the force from Superstorm Sandy, and as you can imagine, we’ve been front and center in helping out the rebuilding efforts.

Our mobile concrete buggy and fleet of concrete mixers have been doing their best to help rebuild sidewalks, curbs and road damage. Trees that fell ripped up sidewalks and damaged concrete patios or driveways all need to be fixed and we’re working hard to get them completed so people can try and get on with their lives, but a ton of work needs to be done.
We’re working on getting our trucks DOT registered in New Jersey so we can take on bigger projects. Best case scenario we can get them registered by the New Year, but I’d expect that to happen sometime in January.

But we’re busy and glad to help out. If your contracting company could use our concrete assistance don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our concrete buggy is able to fit into spaces only opened by 37-inches wide and we’ve been called upon for a plethora of New Jersey projects throughout the past month.

Municipalites, we’re here to help with your roads and sidewalks

Municipalities, were streets, curbs, sidewalks in your town/city damaged during Superstorm Sandy?
Call Bergen Mobile today. Our mobile concrete mixer can be delivered immediately so you can get your roads and sidewalks looking back to new. We’ve recently done work on 1-80 and for NJIT when they were in need of concrete in New Jersey.
Don’t waste time on this. The sooner roads and sidewalks are completed, the sooner people’s quality of life will go back to normal.

There may be more pressing issues right now after this devastating storm, but leaving ruined roads and sidewalks throughout the winter time will not be good for residents’ cars, buses or even when it’s time for plows to come out. It might be more expensive leaving roads and sidewalks unfixed in the long run.

With plenty of experience in doing road work fixing, rely on Bergen Mobile Concrete and our concrete delivery services to New Jersey to get you and your city or town back up and running again.

The best trucks, the best service

Our reputation as New Jersey’s best concrete company has a lot to do with our great employees, and a lot to do with the state-of-the-art equipment we use for our concrete projects.

Our mobile concrete mixers are from the company Cemen Tech, makers of the best cement mixing trucks in the world. These high tech, volumetric concrete mixers actually make the concrete on spot for precise measurement. The truck measures the raw materials used to make concrete, stone, sand, water in volume rather than weight to produce the mix. Then, the concrete uses a mixer, whether it’s a paddle or an auger, to mix the concrete to a perfect solution.

From there, the mix can go down the shoot directly in the driveway, patio, pavement or into our Newark NJ concrete buggy, which we have for an even more precise measurement of the cement you need. All that means is it saves you money.

Our mobile concrete mixers mean no project is ever too soon to do. Just tell us when and where, and we’ll be there with the concrete ready to roll. We have been relied upon for various projects in Bergen County, including Newark International and the famed George Washington Bridge from New Jersey to the Bronx.

Call today for an estimate for what kind of New Jersey concrete solutions we can do for you and your home or business today.

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